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Contact us to find out how easy it is for you to receive your incentive payments with SammyEHR. Join the over 1,700 medical providers in the country who started with Sammy and never looked back.

2014 PQRS Automatic Claims Based Reporting with Sammy

How do you plan to successfully report 9 PQRS measures this year?
The answer is found in SammyEHR where the correct measures are automatically selected and reported for you. Set your sights on the PQRS bonus and forget about any penalties!

We have been experts in claims based reporting and documentation for PQRS measures since 2007. We have made PQRS in 2014 so easy and automatic that you will meet the measures simply by using Sammy as you always do. No guess work and no misunderstanding the requirements.

We at ICS Software, Ltd. specialize in offering electronic health records software for small to medium size offices. Those offices wishing to stay on top of the current trends and requirements and are looking for a reliable and affordable solution for their offices have come to the right place. We have been serving the medical community since 1986 under the same ownership. We strive to make sure our current clients' offices run efficiently and are ahead of the curve.


We are a proud member of the HIMMS Electronic Health Record Association.
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